Run Stop Shop x Enfer Run Crew

Australia's premiere online running shop, Run Stop Shop is teaming up with progressive run technique coaching group Enfer Running to bring you weekly training sessions completely free of charge.  Register below to attend as many sessions as you like, as often as you like; with no obligations.
What is the Run Crew?
  • Weekly run sessions in various locations around inner Melbourne.
  • Group run training for all levels in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

Running training for all levels 

Regardless of your level of fitness or ability, all sessions will be conducted in a way that challenges everyone, yet leaves nobody behind.

Training for a particular event?

If you're aiming for a specific race, the chances are so are the Run Crew regulars.  Share tips and tricks, ask questions, and prepare for your event with others.

Varied training modalities

You can be sure we will never just send you out for a long steady run like most other run groups.  The RSS x Enfer Run Crew sessions could include skill work, breathing practice, or mobility, and will train all energy pathways to ensure your speed, strength and endurance are ready.

What is an example of the sessions?

1600m run, 1:30 rest,
1200m run, 1:30 rest,
800m run, 1:30 rest,
1200m run, 1:30 rest,
1600m run, 1:30 rest,

4 x 400m, 2:00 rest between each

The benefit of these types of intervals is that they are scaleable.  This means that all abilities can run with us and if it's too far we can simply reduce either the distance or the number of intervals.  We have people training with us who run 3 hour marathons and some who are yet to run their first 5km.  Everyone is welcome!  If you have any concerns at all, call Nathan on 0477 416 159 and we can put your mind at ease!

Register Now

So register above and we'll make sure you're in the know for next week's training session!

Looking for more information? 

Give Nathan a call on 0477 416 159.

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